Island Health Representation Agreement

Island Health Representation Agreement: All You Need to Know

The Island Health Representation Agreement (IHRA) is a legal and binding document that allows individuals to appoint a representative to make healthcare decisions on their behalf. This agreement is designed for individuals who may become unable to make healthcare decisions due to a serious illness, injury, or disability.

This agreement is also known as a substitute decision-making agreement or a healthcare proxy. In British Columbia, Canada, the IHRA is governed by the Representation Agreement Act and is recognized as a legally binding document. It should be noted that the agreement must be made while the individual is still capable of making their own decisions.

The IHRA allows individuals to appoint a trusted family member, friend, or another individual to make healthcare decisions on their behalf. The appointed representative will have the authority to make decisions such as consenting to or refusing medical treatment, making decisions about end-of-life care, and access to medical records.

The IHRA is an important document as it ensures that an individual`s healthcare wishes are respected, even if they are unable to communicate them themselves. It is essential that the appointed representative understands the individual`s values, beliefs, and healthcare preferences. It is also important to revisit the agreement regularly to ensure that the representative`s information and contact details are up to date.

To create an IHRA, the individual must be at least 19 years old and have the capacity to understand the nature and consequences of the agreement. The representative must also be willing to accept the role and responsibilities of being the appointed representative.

The IHRA can be created by completing a Representation Agreement form, which is available online and at legal service providers. The form must be signed by the individual creating the agreement, the appointed representative, and two witnesses who are not related to the individual or the appointed representative.

In conclusion, the Island Health Representation Agreement is a crucial document for individuals who want to ensure that their healthcare decisions are respected in the event they become unable to make decisions themselves. It is important to create the agreement while still capable of making healthcare decisions and to choose a representative who understands and respects the individual`s healthcare preferences. The IHRA form can be obtained easily, and it is recommended that individuals revisit and update the agreement regularly.